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Pineapple-Shaped Lamps is a performance-based production company based in Wilmington, NC. Founded in 2010, its members have made a strong commitment to creating original humorous content including live scripted performances, filmed digital content, short-form improvisation, pantomime shadowcasts, and more. The organization is dedicated to providing a platform for new comedic performers and writers to hone and present their craft for audiences that they otherwise might not have been able to reach, and in pursuit of that goal has sought to expand their influence through traveling convention shows across the US.


"Since forming in Wilmington several years ago, PSL has established itself as one of Wilmington’s most dynamic, forward-thinking creative groups, able to do everything from sharp sketch comedy to interactive haunted houses to plays like Bachelorette. The troupe feels like it’s well on its way to becoming an institution, if it isn’t already."

--John Staton, Wilmington Star-News

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Best Play, Bachelorette, Wilmington Theater Awards 2018

Best Comedy Troupe, Encore Magazine's Best of 2018

Best Original Production, The Continuing Adventures of the Crimson Shadow, Wilmington Theater Awards 2017

Best Original Production, A Pineapple-Shaped Show, Wilmington Theater Awards 2013

Audience Choice Award, Cannibal! The Musical, Wilmington Theater Awards 2012



13 Award-Winning* Scenes About Mediocrity, Cucalorus Film Festival 2017

Fear Before The Fear The Walking Dead, Cucalorus Film Festival 2016

The Perfect Tweet, Cucalorus Film Festival 2015



Best Director, Matt Carter, Bachelorette, Wilmington Theater Awards 2017

Best Supporting Actress, Mickey Johnson, Bachelorette, Wilmington Theater Awards 2017

Best Newcomer, Jay Zadeh, King Kirby, Wilmington Theater Awards 2017

Best Comedy Troupe, Encore Magazine's Best Of 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Best Actress, Rachel Helms, SEX a.k.a Wieners and Boobs, Wilmington Theater Awards 2015

Best Original Production, History of Comedy: Part One, Wilmington Theater Awards 2014

Best Original Production, TNL: Origins, Wilmington Theater Awards 2012

Best Song Performance, Cannibal! The Musical "Shatterproof," Wilmington Theater Awards 2012