Best Comedy Troupe in Wilmington!


PSL Wins Big at Encore Awards!

After being nominated for six years, the impossible happened! We are honored to finally be the recipients of this year's award for Best Comedy Troupe from the readers of encore magazine! A huge THANK YOU to everyone who voted for us this year! Read this excerpt from our interview with Encore, and check out the full article...

“Is this how Meryl Streep felt?” Pineapple-Shaped Lamps owner and artistic director Wes Brown asks after PSL’s win for Best Comedy Troupe. It was their first ever “e,” despite having graciously hosted the official encore awards party for five years. Their witty banter, skits and punny jokes never fail as they pass out all 141 awards year after year.

“We’ve always been happy just to be nominated,” Brown tells. “That recognition alone has always meant the world to us, and we were more than happy to keep going with a 7-year losing streak.”

PSL has about 60 members, made up of actors, writers, general crew, filmmakers, and improvisers—and more than a dozen of which are out-of-town alum who remain active players. The helpful numbers for Brown and company means he and others wear multiple hats. Never tied down to just comedy, or just theatre, they’ll host an awards show and turn around to entertain at a kid’s birthday party.

Photo by Chris Brehmer Photography

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