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Auditions for "In Sanity"

  • Hannah Block Historic USO Community Arts Center 120 South 2nd Street Wilmington, NC, 28401 United States (map)

Pineapple-Shaped Lamps is proud to announce auditions for In Sanity, the latest play from Chase Harrison (TheaTerror, 2016 Best Original Play winner Wendigo). Show dates are April 12-15 19-22 26-29 at the The Rooftop Bar at N. Front Theatre (formerly City Stage).

Where do you hide, when there is no Hope? The answer is simply, In Sanity. Structured more like a film series than acts of a play, In Sanity tells the traumatic history of the Jarvis Thompson Home for the Mentally Un-Calm - as it legacy is written in the flesh and blood of those who have been trapped within it.

Character Breakdowns:

  • Dwight Combs: 20's to 30's - A man running from his traumatic past and doing a fine job of it. A trained nurse who is willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt. Dwight is a witty guy with a dark sense of humor about him.
  • Heather Crampton: 20's to 30's - A damaged woman who can cause some real damage of her own. She understands her issues and her acceptance of them is her strength to survive. The asylum can't effect her due to the state of her mind.
  • Sid Suggs: 40's to 50's: A cruel man, Suggs is the head orderly of the Asylum and he runs it with an iron fist. He sees the patients as more animals than people. A monster wrapped in human skin.
  • Abby Russell: late teens to 20's: A long stay patient of the asylum; is a mute who has not spoken since being brought to the asylum. She is a born victim. Friendly and always has a smile on her face. Though through a life of abuse something is growing within her... something dark and nasty.
  • Bray Benoit; 20's to 30's- A white trash gentleman thief, Bray's middle name is professional. He has lead a life of crime since his early years of childhood where he would help his father with plots, plans, and schemes of all sorts.
  • Rosco Benoit: 20's- Younger brother of Bray and lucky for it. Rosco is the runt of the gang always kept from the real action due to his clumsiness. Easily spooked, Roscoe doesn't like being left behind at the asylum.
  • Gunner Todd: 20's to 30's- Bray's long time partner; the muscle to his brain. Gunner is a good crook, little in the way of morals and brains but heavy in temper and knowing how far that can get him.
  • Ray Malone: 20's to 30's- A good man who questions the world around him, everything but his faith in a higher power that is. A true believer in a life after death Ray searches for lost souls to help let them pass over to the other side. He doesn't believe that spirits can be evil just misunderstood.
  • Jeff Berryman: 20's to 30's- A true believer in ghosts, demons, and all other supernatural beings, Jeff is a student of the Doctor's and is the top of his paranormal studies class. Jeff just wants absolute certainty that we do not just end once our lives are over... within the walls of the asylum she will find the answer.
  • Doctor William Raimi: 40's to 50's- A man of waste. A wasted body and wasted mind and wasted life. Professor Raimi has spent years trying to prove the ghosts are real; laughed out of the most notable schools in the country, he has come to the asylum with his ragtag group to get the answers he craves. Those answers will cost him far more than he can anticipate.

If anyone has questions about the show, auditions, or rehearsals, feel free to reach out to us by clicking the button below.

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